Summary Profile of Region

Tri-County Population, Number of Households, & Employment Census 2010:
This data table shows the total population, number of households, and retail and non-retail employees by county and minor civil division geography levels.Source: 2010 Census Decennial

Tri-County Commuting to Work:
This data table tells us how the 215,412 workers that are 16 years of age or older throughout the Tri-County Region are commuting to work. For example, we find that 80.47% are single drivers while only 8.67% carpool. Source: American Community Survey 2011 5-year County Profile (ACS).

Tri-County Demographics, American Community Survey 2014:
This data table provides an overall demographic snapshot of the Tri-County Region in terms of population, income, education and housing.
Source: American Community Survey 2014 (ACS).

Limited English Proficiency 2011 American Community Survey Data:
This dataset was put together and analyzed in accordance with TCRPC's Limited English Proficiency Plan (LEP) and Public Participation Plan (PPP), and is also used as a reference in a number of other TCRPC plans and documents.
Source: American Community Survey 2011 5-year County Profile

Regional Dashboard of Economic Prosperity: is our region's resource to gauge economic prosperity. It is a tool designed to empower regional stakeholders to develop collaborative strategies.



The maps linked below illustrate a small sample size of maps created by staff throughout the TCRPC planning departments of Transportation, Economic, Environmental and Land Use. Come back to the "Featured" section periodically to see a rotation of maps recently created and/or maps that are relevant to planning efforts currently taking place at TCRPC.


Contour_Elevation Lines in Northern Clinton County Tri-County 2010 Population by Census Blocks
Tri-County Regional Weekly Road Construction Report Tri-County Elderly Disabled Population by 2010 Census Tracts

Economic Development

Est Persons with a sensory disability and +65pop Low-Income Households by Census Block Groups and Zip Codes
Tri-County Regional 2017-2020 Transportation Projects and Total Population Within half Mile of a Transit Bus Stop Tri-County Regional Sidewalk Inventory

Land Use & Environment

City of Masons Act 425 Agreement History Farmland Preservation Inventory in Ingham County
Prime Soils Analysis in Ingham County Tri-County Regional Growth Policy Plan Map


Tri-County PM Rush Hour Traffic Volume Link Deficiencies 2035 Wise Growth Model Tri-County Regional Traffic Count Station Location Request 2016 Draft
Tri-County AM Rush Hour Traffic Volume Link Deficiencies 2035 Wise Growth Model Tri-County Park & Ride Locations and Total Population Within Half Mile of a Bus Stop

2015 Aerial Flyover Photography

In 2015, TCRPC served as a facilitator between our regional partners and the state during this multi-month pro-ject. The Flyover was part of a state-wide effort managed by the Michigan Dept. of Budget and Management, funded by local and county agencies and public utilities. In mid-April 2015, aerial data was collected in Eaton, Clinton and Ingham Counties by airplane. Early spring "leaf-off" conditions allowed for a greater level of the ground level detail without the interference of leaves on trees. The aerial flyover provides mid-Michigan with 3" resolution photographs of our landscape in our urbanized areas and 6-inch resolution in suburban and rural areas. If you have questions, please contact Senior Transportation Planner Laura Tschirhart at or call (517) 393-0342 x21. If you are interested in obtaining images from the regional flyovers, please contact the appropriate municipality.